• Glenna

Dog Breath

Super happy to announce my latest short fiction piece to be accepted for publication is now online. The story is called Dog Breath and it's

featured in the Health issue of Cliterature, a women's magazine that has a different theme every issue. Warning: it does have a slightly 'racy' section.

It was a story I started writing in a creative writing class back when I attended UBC Okanagan - I think I was in Anne Fleming's short story class - and I came across it while trying to clean out my computer. It made me laugh so hard I decided it was worth working on to tighten it up.

Sadly, there is one typo in the online copy but it's not until near the end. Still, I'm pretty happy to see this one being read and for anyone who knows my own life's story, they may very well recognize the Marathon Mom from the story I sold to HomeMaker's magazine back in 1995 when I ran my first (and only) marathon.

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