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Happy to Announce...

I have just sold another short story! This time around it is to Luna Station Quarterly. My story's Clouds in Her Eyes will appear in their March issue.

I also failed to post my previous publication a few months ago in Canadian Stories - a story called Trail of Angels that was written based on some children I had the privilege of loving for four years while I dated their father. They had been born in China and been adopted by Canadian parents. I remember the horror I felt when I learned that one of his daughter's had been found, just hours old, in a dumpster at a train station, presumably born in the station bathroom and left for dead. I had many happy memories of making snow angels with one of the girls as well and the story morphed from there, how we'd walked through a field leaving a trail of angels behind us.

Clouds in Her Eyes is a speculative fiction piece that was short listed for

Event magazine's contest in 2019. Trying to find it the right home became harder when I made the conscious decision to no longer submit my work to non-paying publications. I was thrilled when I got the news from Luna Station. I'll post a link to the story when it appears online. Sadly, Trail of Angels is only available in print. Perhaps one day I will post it here too.

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