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Thoughts Today on Being White

Updated: Jan 8

Today I find myself still reeling over yesterday's news of the Muslim family that were run over in London, ON - a family that was simply out for a walk - murdered in cold blood by someone who didn't even know them, just because they were Muslim.

I grew up thinking that all people were created the same, regardless of our skin colour or religious beliefs, and naively, I thought the world had grown up and turned the corner away from all of this racist crap. But it seems every day I am reminded that I've been incorrect.

My heart aches for everyone affected by this mindless, thoughtless, horrific act, just as it does for the First Nation community and the families of those 215 children who's bodies were discovered at the old residential school in Kamloops last week or the story in the news of the Native woman who died after some white man threw a trailer hitch at her from his moving vehicle as she walked down the road with her sister; it aches every time I hear of another black person being gunned down because they were wearing a hoodie at night or being ripped from their cars and held at gun point for no apparent reason; or having a cop kneeling on his neck long enough to kill him. I cringe when I hear what we did to the Asian, German and Italian immigrants last century when Canada was at war and many who identify as Asian descent are still suffering from discrimination today as witnessed by the 717% increase in anti-Asian hate crimes reported in May 2021 in The Guardian. It has gotten to the point where I am so embarrassed by the actions of so many white people that I'm ashamed to be labeled as part of the same race. And I feel helpless because I don't know what more I can do.

I taught my children that all people were created equal but apparently I was wrong. Although we were all created TO BE equal, there still exists a huge problem. And for that, I am truly truly sorry.

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