ABOUT  Glenna


I love that line...it comes from the title of a favourite book by a favourite Canadian author, Alice Munro. 


So, who do I think I am? 


I’m a writer and photographer, a mother, a dancer and a glass artist; I’m an editor and in addition to playing with words on my computer’s keyboard, I play the keyboard and piano as well. I'm fearless on the ski hill and a confident woman when at work; yet I’m still a silly girl who loves to splash in puddles and marvel over the simple things in life like a beautiful sunset. I’m a primarily vegan, slightly wheat intolerant health nut who loves to run and play soccer with my dog, hike in summer and snowshoe in winter. I am a travel writer, a yogini and a star gazer who dreams big dreams and gets lost in the fictional worlds I create. I compost and garden, recycle and ride my bike most days and volunteer whenever i can.


To make a long story short, I am someone who is very passionate about the Arts, the Environment, my Family and Friends and who longs to see more and do more in the time I’ve been allotted on this great big and beautiful blue planet we call Earth. 


If you’re looking for a more serious bio about my working life, educational background and volunteering life, then please visit my LinkedIn site.